A Little Bit More About the Common Core

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Here’s another complaint about the Common Core State Standards adopted by most of the American states. It’s found on Breitbart.com, as part of what looks like an opinion column. A conservative or religious-minded person, someone like me, will see the image and understandably object to its contents in the context of a school assignment. Most […]

A little bit about Common Core

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A lot of people I’ve talked to lately can’t stand the idea of the Common Core State Standards getting into their kids’ education. Very few of them live in the area where I volunteer in schools, but they include family and friends from all over the United States. When I encounter someone who objects to […]

Mormons, Civil Disobedience

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Thoreau begins “Civil Disobedience” by “heartily [accepting] the motto, ‘That government is best which governs least… Carried out, it amounts to… ‘That government is best which governs not at all.’” With that ideal staked out as context, he calls “at once for better government. Let every man make known” what kind of government would suit […]

On Popularity Contests

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A number of months ago I expressed distaste about the way political campaigns are run in front of Russell A. Fox, a Political Science professor at a distant liberal arts university, and a good friend. I got to watch him do what he does best: He explained in clear and simple detail why things are […]